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Basics of Criminal Investigation

This course will provide you with the practical skills and knowledge required to work as a professional crime investigator. So why are you still waiting? Empower yourself by developing skills that benefit both you and society.

Crime Analysis Techniques

The accuracy of modern crime investigations relies entirely on data. Advances in technology, which allow analyses of large quantities of information, are the foundation for crime analysis. Enroll in this course to learn about various crime analysis techniques.

Digital Forensics Examiner

Easy access to computers has made internet fraud, digital insecurity and cyberattacks common. This course is designed to help you investigate, analyse and present digital forensic incidents based on the evidence collected through digital media.

Becoming a Criminal Intelligence Analyst

Crime-tracking statistics are only useful if they are analysed and interpreted. This criminology course lays out the requirements for becoming a professional criminal data analyst and provides various crime intelligence analysis methods.

Introduction to Criminal Investigation Processes, Practices and Thinking

This course introduces you to the processes, practices and principles that drive criminal investigations.

Introduction to Criminology and the UK Justice System

Crime can be caused by many factors, including poverty, parental neglect, drug abuse, poor home values and a low sense of self-worth. This course broadens your understanding of criminology and the UK’s criminal justice sector.

Diploma in Digital Forensic Investigation

Have you or someone you know been a victim of a cyberattack? Were you able to intervene? This diploma course for beginners and intermediates will discuss the techniques and resources you can utilise to perform forensic investigations competently.

Network Forensics Examiner

This course on network forensics will get you started on becoming a certified network forensics examiner. We focus on the best practices in network forensic investigation and teach you how to investigate network-based evidence, physical interception, traffic acquisition and wireless attacks.

Criminology and Criminal Justice Fundamentals

Are you interested in crime or our responses to criminal activity and social disorder? Or what circumstances cause a criminal to avoid committing new crimes? Then this course is right for you.

Diploma in Legal Studies

This course in Legal Studies will provide you with simple definitions and clear explanations of important legal concepts, different types of laws, and how laws are created. The legal system is an integral part of any society, built to protect its citizens and maintain their rights.

Fundamentals of Domestic Violence and Abuse

Domestic violence is common and many adults and children experience some sort in their lifetime. This course examines how to report abuse and explores the signs of abuse in a relationship.

The Fundamental Principles to Anti Money Laundering

Money laundering is an illegal and notorious practice that converts the proceeds of crime into clean currency so that criminals can easily evade authorities. This course examines the tactics used by these money launderers and provides ways to identify them.

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