Types of Forgeries in Questioned Documents


Forgery means making a false document that is intent on the part of the maker to defraud.

Forgeries in Documents

Question document embraces various appellations such as document examination and handwriting analysis. The growth of science leads to growth in this field. Skilled students begin focusing upon this field and manifolded appurtenance devices and apparatuses.

Simulated Forgery

It’s a simulation or imitation of genuine writing. The method of this class of forgery production is the same as employed by pupils in following a copy. The type of writing understanding strictly depends on the skill of the examiner to classify it according to its class of forgery.

Traced Forgery

The name signifies the result of an attempt to transfer to a fraudulent document an exact facsimile of genuine writing by some tracing process.

Freehand Forgery

Forgery without the need for a model or simply can be said as a forgery by impersonation. When a person just uses the signature in a normal manner or a modified manner, representing himself to be that person with an ultimate motive, such a signature is a forgery.

Transplanting revenue stamps bearing genuine signature

Genuine signature is utilized by the transplantation of revenue stamps containing the original signature, which is genuine. The stamp which has the genuine signature is removed from any other document and is affixed to the desired document

Erasures and Alteration in Documents

Fraudulent changes are made in such a way of avoiding detection and may not be discovered for a long time if attention is not to be given. The most common and the clumsiest type of erasure considered is abrasion, by which method the paper is being removed containing the ink upon it.

Forgeries and Its Detection

An average unaided eye can distinguish only a small amount of difference, the fineness of a particular line can be seen only about 200 to 250 to the inch, lines smaller than this seem to be a solid mass or tint.

The microscope is the instrument used to see physical evidence directly by no means it is impossible to see physical evidence through the naked eye.

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