Jharkhand, Ramgarh Cantt police arrest suicide case victim lover, Pendrive as evidence

Police arrested Manjeer Mahto, a resident of Barkagaon for instigating her lover Payal to commit suicide on 19 November 2022.

While committing suicide Payal did a Whatsapp video call to Manjeet and he recorded the ongoing incident.

Payal father lodged a FIR against her husband Vishal Singh and his family accusing them of killing Payal for dowry.

SHO Raghunath Singh said that during the investigation it was found that Payal had a love affair before marriage with neighbour Manjeer Mahto.

On 26 November 2022, Payal had to attend the wedding of her uncle's son, Manjeet promised to meet her, but Manjeet has gone to Pune on 18 November 2022.

Payal was unhappy with Manjeet's Pune visit, she asked him to return but he refused, because of this Payal decided to end her life and did a Whatsapp video call with Manjeet and he instigated her to commit suicide.

Payal hanged herself on the fan and committed suicide.

During the call Manjeet did screen recording and in attempt to hide the video file he transferred it to Pendrive and deleted the file from his mobile.

As evidence police seized the Pendrive from Manjeet's house and as evidence, the police will present the footage of the video call of abetment to suicide in the court. During interrogation, the accused Manjeet accepted his crime.