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Forensic Science is the #1 only app in the play store which contains lot of Forensic stuffs, starting from information about Forensic Science, the real fact of Forensic Science, list of colleges in India which offers Forensic Science, Forensic Agencies in India (Govt & Private), The Best Books, Law (General Exceptions, Offences Against Human Body, Offences Against Property), List of Research Papers, Forensic Practicals, The Certification (Free & Paid) of Forensic Science, Places where Forensic Internships can be done.

Are you inspired by watching CID (Indian TV Series)?
Then you are in the right place.
If you aspire to become a Forensic Scientist or a Forensic Expert, then this app is just for you!
This, app help students who are confused with after +2 What Next? And who are Graduated and Post Graduated in Forensic Science?
Especially this app is dedicated to those, who have a passion for Forensic Science, want to study, but regarding Forensic Science their questions are pending without answers and their doubts are pending without clarification.


I am sure now you have your answers and clarification regarding Forensic Science after going through this app.

So now I have come up with the Forensic Science app. The app to spread knowledge of Forensic Science, and to form a Forensic Community, I have plans for Forensic Science which will surely help others, and the students of Forensic Science who are Graduated or Post-Graduated, who have some unique ideas and case solving skills or who want to be in Forensic field, please try to join us, will form a Forensic Community, so that we can share our plans.


4.7/5, Based on 181 Reviews, the app launched on January 27, 2020.



Release Date

Jan 2020


Forensic Science